Error when trying to change the parts order in a layout

Enonic version: 7.8.5
OS: Linux


The customer complained today that they couldn’t change a page’s parts order, within a layout. I noticed this is actually on all servers. As soon as we try to move a part upwards/downwards the whole page freezes and the error below comes up in the browser’s console but nothing in backend logs. We’re using CS 4.0.4 on all servers.

Does anyone have any hint about this?

Try to recreate the page with the same structure and see if the error reappears. Sometimes a broken page structure can cause errors like this.

It also makes sense to upgrade to the latest. 4.0.4 is quite old.

Did you figure out this one?

I tried to recreate the same page but still get the same problem when trying to change the order of the parts

@lars.erik.pedersen Please create a support ticket to follow up on this issue.

Today we had the same issue on another project, using the same CS’s version. This time the problem seemed to be caused by a div between the data-portal-region and the each-component tags. Applying a th:remove tag or simply removing it did the trick then. I still gotta check if the original case’s html structure follows the same pattern.

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