Export / Import project data

I would like to share my experience with transferring data content from one Enonic CMS to another.

We are using Enonic headless CMS for managing content data for our intranet application.
We have two independent environments - staging and production. We started to develop on the staging, so all the content was created in this environment. In a while not only testing data was added to the CMS but the real data too. After some time we decided to use the production environment. Now it came a question how to export data from staging to production instance of Enonic.

I found the Data toobox application in XP. All we needed about the data manipulation I found in this place - making export / import, creating dumps, explore stored data… Everything works on one click out of the box. With the Data toolbox I was able to transfer our content in one minute.

Thank you Enonic for good job.


Actually, Data toolbox is created and maintained by @gri. Former Enonic employee.

Kudos to Glenn!


Anyone who like Data toolbox can sponsor Glenn here: https://github.com/sponsors/GlennRicaud

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