Export to another directory

Enonic version: 6.4.3
OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04.2

Hello there,

It is possible to create an export to a specific directory?

The problem is that I have an Enonic app running in a server which its space is full and i had no space to create the export file. So, it is possible to create that export of that application but in other partition with enough storage?

What would you recommend for this scenario?

Thank you in advance.


I’ve the same problem, i cant increase space in XP disk

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Me too. Thats why I need to create the export file to another directory, I dont know if with toolbox there is an option…

Hi all.
Currently, there is no config option for target export directory. However if increasing volum size is not an option, you could always mount a New volume at $XP_HOME/data/export in your OS/container. https://xp.readthedocs.io/en/stable/operations/export.html


Hello tsi!

It is possible to change the $XP_HOME varible to another volume while the app is runing and try to run the export comand?

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Not while running.
Changing XP_HOME requires a restart, as it is the moost fundamental of all setting :slight_smile: