Feature request: Allow content types to be sub types of `portal:site`

Hi guys,


My content creators want to be able to configure the root content of the webpage the same way as all the other content on the page. (The form in content studio on the left hand side).

The hope of XP 7.12.0

In XP 7.12.0 we got the possibility to add the application to the project, so that we can create a root node of other types then "portal:site".

The problem is that this feature is only intended to be used with headless projects, so we are not able to add templates to those sites.

Proposal for solution

After this conversation on Slack with @tsi I’m suggesting the following solution:

Make it possible for a content type to be a subtype of "portal:site" by using:


The result should be a content type that also has the capabilities of "portal:site"-content.

Thanks for considering this,
– Tom Arild

Hi Tom.

Excellent idea for simplifying user interface and creating intuitive content models. Current problem is that the site has a form of its own, and stores it in the .data structure.

We’ll look into moving this out in XP8, which will then easily enable us to support your suggested approach.

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