Feature request: Changes the publishing wizard to also schedule already published items


We have a customer who would like to able to schedule changes to already published items through the publishing wizard. As of now it is only possible to schedule a publishing of an item if said item is offline, as explained by the help text: “Note: Only offline items will be scheduled. All other changes will be published immediately.” The specific use case was to update the contact information to key personell and publish that information on the day of accession, which in this case was a holiday. This feature would be very helpful to editors in the management of time sensitive content.

Version: 7.7.4.

Is this something that is in the current pipeline? And if not, is it possible to add this feature to it?



This has been in our backlog for a while. Since this feature requires some major architectural changes, it will be available in XP 8 which we have already started working on!

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