Feature request: Filter for guillotine 7 app

Feature request: Add the possibility to intercept and modify the guillotine requests/responses. Just like the filtering already available in site.xml

We at Mattilsynet are losing functionality when trying to upgrade from lib-guillotine to guillotine 7.x.
We are losing the ability to cache, modify filters in the request etc.


Hi Amund.

We have looked into it, and we will not be able to facilitate such functionality for Guillotine 7. However, we are working on XP8, which will include a new /api endpoint (similar to /site), which is also where Guillotine 8 will mount.

We will look into this feature request to see what can be done in this context. Will keep this open until we have clarified more details.

Until then, you can safely keep using the Guillotine library for your current setup.