Feature request: Link types in the Insert link modal should swap positions

I’ve seen it all to many times; my editors make “URL” links to internal content, where they should have used “Content”. Oh, the 404s after content restructuring… :sob:

This could so very easily have been mitigated by switching the Link type tabs around, making “Content” the default when inserting a link.

Please consider swapping the “URL” tab for the “Content” tab. I believe this will make it easier for editors to make the right choice when inserting links, whether they are inserting internal or external links.

Meme for attention:



Just to build on what @jonas suggests:

Would it be interresting to detect that that a URL is content by checking it against the vhost-config?

Maybe it could surface a warning saying:

:warning: It looks like you are trying to use a URL that points to content. Would you like to link directly to that content instead?

– Tom Arild


Hi @Jonas,

We are deep in the process of changing the Insert Link dialog and will consider your request.


Yeah, I guess this might be the way to go Jonas!

Also Tom, in order to make the vhost-based autodetection, we first have to specify a default vhost for a site. When this is done, we can certainly look into something like that.

This will be done in CS 4.3 :slight_smile:

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