Feature request: Links in images


It would be great if we could add links to images in Content Studio. The reason is that we need to give credit if we use images under creative common license. In addition to crediting the photographer/source, we must state which license the image is published under and a link to the correct license.


Hi Andrea.

This is already supported.
I recommend you add license and link as plain text in the Copyright field:

I may misunderstand, but it seems to me that those fields are textlines, how do you add a link to those fields?

Hi Andrea,

To add a link to an image, do the following:

  1. Insert an image via HTML Area’s modal dialog (“Insert Image” button in the toolbar)
  2. Click the inserted image inside HTML Area
  3. Click the “Insert link” button in the toolbar
  4. Add a link as you would do with a normal text.

Just tested this - it works fine. If it doesn’t for you, describe what you do.

Yes, that’s a way to make it work. However, this request comes from a customer, and I know that not all the images they use are added via HTML Areas. They would like to not have to manually add a link to the same image if they use it in different places.

Yes it is a textline, but you may simply paste the link in plain text. If you want this to appear as a clickable link in the client/web page - you can implement code that identifies the link in the field and makes it clickable. A textual URL is sufficient for crediting an image anyway IMHO.

Ah, I see what you mean. That is one way to work around it.
What if we wanted the link to show a different text than a URL? In the case of very long URLs, for instance.

There are many ways to do that, so you just have to decide on one method and parse it in your code. For instance on this forum, you can use Markdown to create a link with custom text which is encoded as [a link with custom text](https://enonic.com)

And - one final proposal:

You can make your own X-data that applies to all images (or media) - and have fields for anything you like.

Thanks for the help! I’m sure we can use any of your suggestions :slight_smile: