Feature request: More filter options on Content studio search

We really appreciate the new features where you can filter on “Last Modified By” and “Owner” on search in Content Studio. It would also be great if we could filter on:

  • Date published: choose a time period from month/year to month/year.
  • Status/workflow: I see that we can filter on the workflow “In process” (Under arbeid) now, but it would also be great to filter on content that is new, changed (Endret), published etc.

Kind regards,

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Hello @andreabach! We are considering adding more filters to the filter panel in the future releases, however some of the content statuses may require heavy calculations to make them present in the filter panel. As soon as we manage to find an appropriate solution we will present more filter options


Hello @asl! Great, nice to know that it’s being looked at :slight_smile:

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We have this in our backlog. Closing topic

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