Feature request: Option to have content nodes inherit publish and unpublish dates

Use case:
Editor creates an article, with time-limited relevance (maybe a vacant position, a competition etc).
They publish the article with a to date, so it automatically is unpublished at a later date.
They then (maybe at a later date) want to publish this article in another language, so they localize it.
When publishing the localized article, it gets a new publish date, and no unpublish date unless the editor remembers to set them.
User would appreciate an option to make sure the publishdates and unpublish dates stay the same across layers

We have a couple of cases where we would love if there was an option when publishing localized content, where you could select if this content node should follow the publishing state of its parent ( in parent layer).
If the parent is unpublished, it should also be unpublished. When checking this new inheritance setting, the published node should receive the publish date of its parent. If the parent has an unpublishdate, it should also inherit that.

Is this something you have looked into, or do you see any issues with this functionality?