Feature request: Reset button for <input type="DateTime">

Hi guys,

Navigating dates (specially with time) is always such a hassle. It would be great if there would be a “reset”-button on the input widget for DateTime.

I would like it to reset the date to whatever was specified in <default></default>. Specifically I would love if could be reset to now (if that was what I specified).

I imagine it looking something like this:


– Tom Arild


Hey Tom Arild

Good feature request, you are not the first one to request this. We have a simular feature request on getting a “now” button to the datepicker. The design and functionality is not set in stone, but as far as i can tell we would add “now” as a button and set the date to the current date if no default is selected.

Would something like this work or does that not overlap with this feature request?

Hi Persijn,

If I understand you correctly I think there is a difference here:

  1. The “Now”-button sets an empty field to the current date
  2. The “Reset”-button takes a field which has a date already (because it would be populated if <default></default> exists), but replaces it with a new date based on the contents of <default> from the content type xml.

The use case I have that led me to suggest this feature is that I have a field in my content type for when the article has been “editorally modified”. This field is set manually, since we don’t want to include changes like fixing typos.

Having a “Now”-button would solve my use case (if it can overwrite the current value), but resetting to <default></default> might be more powerful for other use cases. Specially when using math like described in the DateTime-input documentation.

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Hi Tom, We already have this in the backlog :slight_smile:

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