Field-set not creating its own model-object

Enonic version: 6.4.1

From reading the documentation, I assumed that a field-set would create its own object on the model, just like item-set does. Turns out it doesn’t.

The way I assumed field-set would work is that it would group certain parts of a schema - much like item-set does. This would improve the controller code a bit, since it would lead to easier grouping of properties (link.labeland link.url instead of link-label and link.url). Instead, a field-set only adds a heading to the admin panel.

To me, an item-set is a repeatable block of properties - not a one-off. Therefore, I would like field-set to work the same way - but for a single occurrence.

Either way, I suggest you improve the documentation a bit, to clarify the current functionality.

Jup… I can see why you think that since the fieldset also has a name. This is as you understand discarded when the content is populated.
We’ll improve this in 7.0 I guess.

Fieldset is not an input, it is a formLayout component that only affects presentation of the form - plan is to add other layouts in the future!

Alrighty :smile:

Yeah, it was the name that tricked me :slight_smile: