Forhåndsvisning i IE11

Enonic version: 4.7.12
OS: Windows 7


När vi använder “Forhåndsvisning” i IE11 så sätter Enonic default versionen till IE8.
Jag undrar om man kan ändra den så att forhåndsvisningen visas i version IE11 untan att behöva ändra versionen manuellt?

In English:

Using “review” button in Enonic while using IE11 displays the result page in IE8 mode which is not what we want when we are using IE11 . This causes som CSS style problems for us.

Is it possible to review a page in IE11 as default when you are using IE11?



What do you mean by IE8 and IE11 in this case? Have you created different page templates to use for IE8 and IE11, depending on the browser?

For previewing content, the first available page template will be used. If a content can be previewed with several different page templates, the system will choose the alphabetically first page template, but obviously giving you the possibility to change this via the pull-down menu. I am afraid there is no way in 4.7, to automatically select a page template for preview, based on which browser you are using. Does this answer your question?

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Jørgen Sivesind

Just to fill in, the problem here is that Enonic has malformed html in the frameset that is used for previewing. This malformation forces IE to render the page in IE8 mode. This is not something to do with missing DOCTYPE (something we fixed in our 4.7.5 release) but something else that is wrong, probably in the html behind the top part of the preview frame.

Oh. That was new to me. I will create an issue for this bug in our internal project management tool, hopefully we can fix it for 4.7.13.

Hello again!

Thank you for the bug report. This problem is fixed and will be included in 4.7.13 which will be out shortly.

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