Form builder app

@tsi : What is the status for the form builder app?

Ref the mention in this post: XP Using auto generated content create/edit forms (ContentWizardPanel) outside admin

3rd party formbuilder app ETA today or tomorrow :slight_smile:


@MathisFenne: You might have to wait a few more days.

We found some bugs in the latest version that have to be fixed before release. I will probably be able to get through most of it tonight, but it will probably have to wait until after JavaZone (conference next week) if I can’t finish it today.

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Hi. When do you think its possible to test the formbuilder app? I would really like to be a beta-tester :slight_smile:

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Hi @MathisFenne.

I have been busy with work and presenting at conferences lately, and work on this has therefore been a bit sporadic for a while. With presentations on the Mobile Era and Smidig conferences coming up in the next 2-3 weeks, I will probably have my hands full for that timeframe.

Basically, I have the following issues listed as unresolved:

  • feat: Adding error labels for invalid fields
  • bug: Can not save responses when not logged in
  • bug: Reload sometimes causes the form to hang
  • refactor: Improving code readability and using single-responsibility principle (first version was, as it often is, a hack, so I am improving the code a bit)

However, the code is available for free on GitHub:

If you check it out and build it, you can test the most recent code now. :slight_smile:
It is a bit messy code-wise, but I have a branch (feature/refactor-formbuilder-utils) that I am working on to fix that.

PS: The previous (though way too buggy) version is available on, but I would not recommend using this for anything more than checking it out…

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Anyhow: Beta-testers are very welcome to check it out and submit any issues to the GitHub-repo linked to above. The more bugs we can remove before launching on Market, the better! :smiley:

And of course, feel free to submit feature wishes and pull-requests.

Plans for a version 2.0 include building customized admin-tools and switching to using the node-API, but I prioritize getting a functioning version 1.x.x out first. (v2 will probably not be backwards-compatible, unless I find a way to do migration upon app install)

I should add that with 6.8 lot’s of new features are coming that could be used in formbuilder scenarios:

  • Node API and Repo API will be available for Javascript developers (so you could for instance store formbilder responses there - rather than as CMS content)
  • New OptionSet form item type, allowing you to define many different combinations of inputs and allow user to choose which to use. (I.e. create one option per form field, and use multiple function to just add new options to the form)

Hope this helps…


Nice! Do you have an ETA? (Snapshot version is fine)

If they are available soon, I should probably migrate to use this before launching in Enonic Market…

Node API and Repo API would be great for both form config and responses, whereas (if I understand correctly) the OptionSet could remove the need for many different input types or at least simplify the config part.

Looking forward to more on this…

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Early November. Can’t really be any more specific yet. We hope to have an RC1 out next week.

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That is great. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be able to pick up work on my app just around the same time, and if at least an RC has been released, I should be able to start looking into using this functionality.

Turns out there is a little bit too many unfinished tasks that have been promised for 6.8.0, so we will have feature freeze, Nov 1st, and then hopefully a full release in less than two weeks of that.

Sounds good!

We are having a hackathon-weekend with work from the 4th to 6th of November, with focus on open source, so I will probably be working on this app then. If you have feature freeze November 1st, I might be able to use a snapshot version for that weekend. :slight_smile:

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Hi Vegard!

Just in time for your weekend: Here is the first beta release of 6.8.0:

We have changed our naming of releases in 6.8.0: Before, at Feature freeze, we would release Release Candidate 1, then as we fixed bugs, release more RCs, but now, we will release betas instead, up to the point where we believe there are no more bugs (or only bugs we can live with). At that time, we will “eat our own dogfood” by creating RC1 and putting it out on our own web-site, then continue to test for another 2 days. If no more critical bugs are found, it will be released.

We will probably release beta 2 tomorrow, but at least, here is 6.8.0 for you to play with. :slight_smile:

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That’s great, @jsi. :slight_smile:

But I can’t find any documentation (latest on readthedocs) or examples (checked app-features) of how to use the Node API. Is that coming soon?

We had to push node api to next version…

Ok. I spent the weekend refactoring the application, so it wasn’t a problem that it did not make it into the 6.8-release. (Very pleased to improve code quality)

I am finally done with other distractions (conferences, etc) for the year, so I’ll put some time into finishing up the refactoring and bug-fixing this week.