Form builder help

Enonic version: Enonic XP 6.14.1
OS: Windows 10


I’m starting using Form Builder. I have created a landing page and under this landing page i have created a form with a couple of text lines, a checkbox and an email. When I click on Form item i can see the form. Could please someone tell me how I could make this form visible in the landing page?


Hi Jorge,

You refer to “form builder”. We don’t have any official form builder in XP, so you’re using an open source project developed by the community. Which one is it? The developer of that project can most likely assist you here =)

Hi bwe,

What’s the Enonic way to do it? Is there any documentation I could check?


Hi, no I just mean we don’t have any form builder app inside Enonic, yet. There’s a few open source projects out there that are looking really good, but the developers of these projects need to answer your questions.

Thanks. I’ll try to contact the developer.


They’re active in this forum btw so if you just tell me which form builder you’re looking at I can connect you here =)

The form builders are a great way to get new forms up on your website faster, doing this manually takes some time, but then you get the advantage of having full control.

I’m trying to use tthis form builder The developer is it-vegard.

@it_vegard could you assist a here? =)

FYI! We expect to release a basic formbuilder on Market May 2018!


That would be great!!

Hi @jorge.santos!

You can add the form to the page by adding the form-part. This has a ContentSelector which allows you to select which form to use. This way, you can store your forms anywhere, and re-use them in different places on the site.



I am hoping to have time to finish up the “new” version (that I have been working on for two years or so… :sweat_smile:) of my form builder after my talk on Code Europe in two weeks. That should allow me to have full focus on this project.

This is really a completely new project, though, so no backwards-compatibility. It uses a separate admin tool for easier work-flow, and also several of the newer features of XP.

But seeing the number of delays I have had so far (it is not helping that I don’t work on XP day-to-day), it is great that you have an official form builder coming out soon! It will be interesting to compare the two apps!


Hi Vegard,

I added the form part “Form View” but it displays the form not found view. It seems that I have to add the form to the as shown on screenshot 2. But I’m not sure how I have to do that.


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Hi Vegard,

I’m using xp-form-builder



Hi Thomas,

Do you have a release date for the formbuilder?


Not yet, but you can check out the project here:

Not confident that the docs are 100% up2date…

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Hi @jorge.santos.

Thank you for showing interest in my hobby-projects.

xp-form-builder was abandoned a couple of years ago, and I don’t plan on finishing it, as I switched to xp-forms, which utilizes a lot of new XP-functionality, like the node API , custom admin tooland more.

However, I am a bit unsure if xp-forms is actually working… I am still developing it, and have not released a 1.0.0 version yet.

I think it is mostly the configuration stuff and a reporting tool that is missing. That is something I will jump on starting next week, as I have been swamped with conference presentations and a new job the last few months.

I will give you an update when I pick up work on xp-forms again next week.