Form builders support

What is the current state of the Form Builder functionality for Enonic XP?

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If you are referencing this unofficial one, I have unfortunately not been able to work much on it lately. I am still hoping time opens up shortly, but for personal reasons (I’ll become a father any day now), my time is a bit uncertain at the moment.

The code is available for free use here, but I have yet to merge in the latest branch because of a few remaining bugs.

I also have a wish to postpone the release until the Node API is released, so I could save responses there instead of as content. Also, there should be some reporting-functionality, which is currently missing.

If you want to contribute to the project, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request! :smiley:

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Yeah, I looked at a few of the older threads and noticed you had a personal thing going, and that Enonic also talked about working on their own form builder support.

Since a few of the threads where older I was kinda hoping maybe the official form builder was ready / almost ready, but I haven’t found any more information about it lately.

I might just make the forms we need manually and send the result to a custom service with node api storage, for now, and then have a look at it when the official form builder support is released.

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We have decided to build a simple form builder app to cover the usual contact us forms etc. ETA is Q2.

The more advanced Form Studio app is not prioritized.


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