Fragment to part/layout

So we can now create fragments in content studio from layouts or parts.
Sometimes it could be nice to go back too.
Create a part or layout from a fragment.

Lets say there is a part fragment that is used many times, but then suddenly we need a variation of the fragment.
Yeah sure we could duplicate the fragment and change the duplicate. But if the variant is only ever going to be used once, maybe it’s better it’s a part, so the content selector does not get overloaded with fragments.

I could probably come up with other scenarios too, but I just like the idea, if you go one way, you should be able to go back :slight_smile:

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We discussed the option of reverting the fragment to components (parts/layouts), but it was not prioritized at the time.
Technically I see no reason why should not be done. I think we could look into this again. @tsi :thinking:

Jup… Should definetly be possible. We’ll look at this for our next Product Advisory Board meeting.

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This is added to the backlog. Also, check this issue: Layout fragments regions not shown in content studio