Freemarker view library available for testing

The guys here at TINE have been working on implementing support for the Freemarker templating language in Enonic XP and we feel that it has now been tested and poked enough internally that we can release it to the general public for testing. The view lib has been used for our two first projects and seem to be behaving pretty decently both with regards to performance and easy of use.

Feel free to have a look at for instructions on how to include it in your app and try it out. We will be working on getting it hosted on a public maven repo, and hopefully added to the market in the follow weeks. You can find some examples of syntax etc by taking a look at the slides we showed during the Enonic XP meetup yesterday:

Feel free to chime in if you have suggestions on improvements or just general pointers. Error handling is one of the areas that still need some work, so keep the server log handy to examine any exception that might appear. :slight_smile:

Espen Haviken
TINE IKT, Digital Utvikling


This is really nice! I’ll try the freemarker library in a demo project. I used version 0.9 since the build of version 1.9.2 failed, see


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Cool. Looks like we messed up a bit when deploying the 0.9.2 release. I will have a look at cutting a new release and getting it onto the market place soon. Been a bit too much other work stuff going on, so haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. :slight_smile: