Get manual sort from content in content.query?

For: EXP 5.1.0

If I fetch all child content with content.getChildren I automatically get them sorted if manual sort has been activated in the admin. This is very nice.

But, if I want to do a more complex query and need to use the content.query (because .getChildren doesn’t support the “query” param) I can’t seem to sort it on the sort values from admin. When I log the data I can’t see any values to sort on, like “_sort” or “sort” or similar. I’ve tried sending in the “sort”-param with values like “sort ASC” or “_sort ASC” but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

So how would I go about respecting the manual sorting from admin when using content.query?

You cannot do that, since when doing a query, its nothing that restricts the result to be all children of one parent.

But; There is a task waiting to add a query-parameter to the getChildren command:

@srs @tsi I think this issue maybe should be prioritized now?

Edit; Unofficial you can try to use “_manualordervalue” desc as a shortcut as a workaround for now.

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Cool ^^

I’ll manage with getChildren for now and some minor filtering in my controller.js.

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