Get more data on eventListener

We’ve started using eventLib and it’s very useful. But the data you get on each node affected is very limited. This is a problem when you want to filter which events are useful to handle.

Example: We need to know what type a document is, to know this we need to fetch the whole node. As type (and a lot of other properties, e.g. hasChildren, valid) is common amongst many nodes, why not expose this as well?

At least expose type, as that would be very useful for us :slight_smile:



At node level there is no “knowledge” of content and content specific properties. We could include nodeType, but this is not “fully” in use as intended yet. So I’m not sure if this would help you at all?

Another approach would be to implement “content events”, where this could be detailed…

From what I see, there is no repo filter either - I guess that should be handled as well?
Any comments on this?