Get POST data from filters

Can we do changes to http POST method using filters? As I see default enonic fiters support for http get method

Do you mean HTTP Filters?

Do you have an example code that doesn’t work for you?

Yes, HTTP filters. I don’t have code related to POST. I’m searching if there are any methods using one method for all post requests instead of using each controllers post requests

There is nothing special about request method in HTTP filters.
you can still, for instance, change request parameters like in the example provided.

Actually, I want to print post requests spend time. For get requests i got the values

We’re having a hard time understanding your use case. What is “post request spend time”? Filters are called for POST requests in exactly the same way as they are for GET and you can find request object in the first argument of the filter handler (see here).

If you can describe what you are trying to achieve and maybe provide some code snippets, that would help us find a solution.

spend time means post request called time duration

Again - we need to know the entire use case. With code examples of what is not working for you.