GraphQL lib 2.0.2 and Guillotine 6.0.2 have been released

Last week we released bug fix versions 6.0.1 of the Guillotine library and app. This release fixed getChildren() function not returning data in the project root and made SiteKey header (which sets site context in the Guillotine app) case-insensitive.

Before we managed to announce the releases a new security fix for the GraphQL library has arrived, so we decided to upgrade and re-release the Guillotine lib and all of the apps using it, to make sure that our entire Headless suite is bundling the upgraded GraphQL library.

So here are the new releases:
GraphQL lib v2.0.2
Guillotine lib v6.0.2
Guillotine app v6.0.2
Headless Movie Database app v4.0.2