Guillotine + Content Layers + Images

Enonic version: 7.7.2
OS: Running docker image enonic/xp:7.7.2-ubuntu


I seemingly have found an issue related to building image urls then using Guillotine. I initially had some issues related to content layers (same sort of error message) when trying to access the api in [email protected] but those messages went away when I upgraded to [email protected]. Now as you can see in the attached screenshots below - I am able to query all properties on the content-type, but not the image property.

Consider the following query in GraphQL Playground
Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 14.21.57

This query gives me the following result

Stacktrace from Enonic instance

compile “com.enonic.xp:portal-api:${xpVersion}”
include “com.enonic.xp:lib-websocket:${xpVersion}”
include “com.enonic.xp:lib-project:${xpVersion}”
include “com.enonic.lib:lib-guillotine:5.2.0”
include “com.enonic.lib:lib-graphql-playground:0.0.1”

Hi @abdavid!
Please rename repository without _ . We already have the issue for that.

Tried recreating the layer with an identifier that didnt include _ and that did the magic. Thanks!

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