Guillotine queries

Hi all,

I am trying to make a query for objects of a certain type with a certain status. It returns empty.

Any advice?

  guillotine {
      query: "status LIKE 'published'"
      contentTypes: "no.seeds.norwep:technology-and-solutions"
    ) {
      ... on no_seeds_norwep_TechnologyAndSolutions {

Hi Don.

This is simply because there is no property called “status”. The status you see in Content studio is simply computed by diffing the draft and master branch.

Basically, by querying through the master branch endpoint, you will get all published items, while using the draft branch you get everything (also that which is not published).


thanks for answering. I am new to Enonic, and probably this is just a misunderstanding on my part.

I think that we do have a property named “status”. Have a look:

  "displayName": "Screen Saver Valve",
  "_id": "4c3a305f-52e5-4054-a147-34e8a356b8b4",
  "dataAsJson": {
    "name": "Screen Saver Valve",
    "subcategory": "62204964-614c-41c2-9c5b-e377be6d7131",
    "type": "product",
    "trl": "7",
    "description": "The Screen Saver Valve is a cost effective insurance to protect and expensive sand control completion from unwanted sand influx at the toe",
    "company": "6b23c632-7770-4b27-bbef-e1867ea7358b",
    "company-contact": "64ee16b1-52c8-46f7-82cd-16eed6b03bef",
    "status": "published"

For published we have a number of variants, and I want to query for a specific one.


Ok, since it’s inside dataAsJson, this is probably something that you have defined in your content type schema. Did you try changing “status LIKE...” to “data.status LIKE...” in your query?

That did the trick, thanks!