Hidden fields for Content types

Is it possible to enable hidden fields in Content Studio without using CSS? (should not be visible for the editors)
We want to hide some of the fields inside Content studio for the editors.


Do you want to hide the fields for all users?

Yes, I want to hide spesific fields from mixin for the editors in CS.

Again, do you want to hide it for all editor? If so, what is the purpose of this field?

Hi Kristian,

As Thomas points out, if no editors should edit that data, then there’s little point in adding that data to the content type itself, rather store it elsewhere.

You should have a look at the x-data scheme, it let’s you give editors the option to add sets of one or more fields to their contents, it is a helpful way of making your content types less bloated.

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Some of the fields will be automatically field and do not need to be visible to the auditors.
So yes, I want to hide for all editors.

Same idea as standard HTML for input:

We have a backlog task already to “disable” inputs. Also, an option if you are importing data, and don’t want this info to be listed - you may simply drop the input from the form alltogether. As far as I know, the content will not be deleted, and not listed in your form.