Hiddenfield in an Content Type with extenral ID

I’m creating content from an external resource. Now I want to add a hidden field value in an contenttype that is the external lookup ID value.

So is it possible to hide an input field for the user or add an extra value field tha is not shown to the user ?


Not yet - but just use a textLine, and support will come later…

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Hi guys,

Do you have any update on this topic?

What is the best approach in case I need to hide the “external lookup ID value” from the users?
It would be better to create an unstructure content-type to save the external ID?

If the content should not be editable perhaps it could be a node rather than a content.

The upcoming 6.8 has this:

  • Node API and Repo API will be available for Javascript developers

Mentioned here: Form builder app

Until then perhaps you could store a list of internal-id to external-id in a content-type that only superadmins have access to?