Hide content type field


Enonic version: 6.15.4
OS: Windows

Is possible to hide some custom field of the content type? Fields that maybe we can use to some business logic but must not appear for our end users?


The easiest way would be to hide a field with CSS (display: none or visibility: hidden). In this case field value will still be sent to the server when you submit a form, for example.


…or are you talking about hiding fields when working with content inside Content Studio? If so, then why would you want to hide them and when? Can you provide a specific use case?


Hi Fernando,

“Hidden/disabled” inputs are already in our backlog. I believe you may be able to add non-existing fields through the API by disabling validation, and the field will still exist invisible from the editor - but this approach might have pitfalls and is not Kosher.


@ase yes! I was talking about hiding in a content studio form, but we find another approach to resolve our issue and works fine. Thanks

@tsi Hi Thomas, good to know, I think that it will help sometimes, but like said above, we find another way to resolve our question. Thanks.