Highlights from PAB 2017-02-10


We have just finished our bi-weekly PAB (Product Advisory Board) meeting. From now on we are going to report here after each meeting so you will get insight into the process. Here are some highlights from that meeting.

Enonic XP 6.10 (upcoming release) has already the following feature requests:

  • Publishing wizard add children per selected item
  • Publishing wizard support excluding references
  • HTMLArea/Text component - Support search and replace
  • HTMLArea Upgrade to TinyMCE 4
  • Grid - Bulk selection with keyboard
  • Trace requests
  • Filter apps in Applications tool

In Q1 we are going to focus on the following features. We do not know if everyone will be available in 6.10 (since we have fixed release schedules), but we hope to release most of the features on this list.

  • Bulk publish (Publish requests)
  • View and approve changes
  • PWA lifecycle support
  • Improve performance for image scaling
  • Root controller for application (main.js)
  • Content Studio - Undo pending delete
  • Named tasks
  • Warn user when switching page templates
  • Selector - Path in search
  • Image selector - Larger pictures
  • Thymeleaf render options
  • Enterprise Distribution

In addition we are working on the following apps/libs/starters (some will be on the marked and some will be in the enterprise distribution).

  • Live Trace - app that will give you insights XP app performance (EE distribution)
  • App Installer - install apps from configuration file.
  • Snapshotter - run snapshots periodically.
  • Office league - what we are using internally to hold Foos games. We are going to release this to the public.
  • GraphQL lib - library to make it easy to create GraphQL backends.
  • Angular2 starter - starter kit for Angular 2 projects.