Highlights from PAB 2017-05-19


Our bi-weekly PAB meeting was held today Friday and we did a lot of planning work. Here are some highlights from that meeting.

Enonic XP 6.11 (upcoming release) still slated for a release before the summer. Most of the things we planned to release for Q2 are either shipped in 6.10 or will be shipped with 6.11.

The top Q2 features we focus on are:

  • “In progress” state for content
  • Publishing requests (Issues)
  • Image selector - Larger pictures
  • HTMLArea/Text component - Choose image size
  • Admin localization
  • Office League PWA app on Market
  • GraphQL lib on Market
  • LiveTrace app for analyzing traffic (for customers with support agreements)

For Q3 we will be focusing on these:

  • Create password on first login
  • Add request filter support to site.xml
  • Limit characters in TextLine and TextArea input types
  • Support config for ranges in Long and Double input types
  • Audit log
  • Support for drag and drop-upload of folder structures
  • Mirror and flip images in editor
  • Support for exploding Fragments
  • Read-only input type
  • Content approval - “Checklists”