Highlights from PAB 2017-06-16


Our bi-weekly PAB meeting was held today Friday and we did a lot of planning work. Here are some highlights from that meeting.

Before summer

Enonic XP 6.11 (upcoming release) still slated for a release before the summer. Most of the things we planned to release for Q2 are either shipped in 6.10 or will be shipped with 6.11.

Completed tasks (released with 6.10, or slated for 6.11 Beta):

  • Publish requests (Issues)
  • Repo - Search across repositories
  • Support for “sql selectors” in node api
  • Improve widget panel
  • Root controller for application (main.js)
  • Admin Localization
  • Index stemming (language)
  • GraphQL lib
  • Lib Content - Add support for accessing contenttype information
  • Dump with version history

Not done yet but will release with 6.11:
Enonic XP:

  • Add key-value sets to built in Shortcut content type
    Tutorial/documentation (not part of core product):
  • Automated testing of controllers
  • JS Debugging

After summer

After the summer our schedule will be packed. Our focus will be on the following improvements and new features, just to name a few:

User admin tool

  • Site roles for users
  • Create password on first admin login (clean installs)
  • Add group to roles from edit group ui
  • Show all users permissions (overview report)

Content Studio admin tool

  • HTMLArea/Text component - Choose image size when inserting images
  • Save as Page Template for pages built with custom setting
  • Image selector - Larger pictures
  • Improved search (dates/status/owner/etc)
  • Discard new content without name
  • Support “exploding” fragments
  • Image rotation and mirroring
  • Support dragging folders with media

APIs and XP-libs

  • Expose content version in Content Lib
  • App Installer-functionality
  • Add request filter supports to site.xml (opposite of request filters)

General (for Devs & Editors)

  • Indexing of page content - fields in parts and layouts
  • Add min and max validation to Long and Double input types
  • Limit number of characters in TextLine and TextArea
  • X-data content type filter
  • New InputType - template (read only)
  • HTMLarea - Configure available headings / fonts / styles, and more


  • IDprovider - support profile images
  • Audit log


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Lots of Cool stuff coming :slight_smile:

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