Highlights from PAB 2017-08-11


Our bi-weekly PAB meeting was held today Friday and it’s the first one after the summer. Be sure to check out all the shipped features in XP 6.11! Here’s some highlights from this PAB, and some status on what we are working on right now.

Backlog items currently in development:

  • Input Types Long and Double to support min and max values.
  • Input Types TextLine and TextArea to support limit on characters (with counter).
  • User admin app: Add role from group’s edit UI.
  • Image editor - functionality for rotating and flip (mirror) images.

Here’s a rough selection from what we will focus on next from our backlog in regards of features, libs, and apps.

For the editors:

  • User admin tool: New dialogue for creating items
  • Select items using a tree structure navigation in content selectors
  • Adding comments to issues in new Issue feature
  • Improved search (dates/status/owner/etc)
  • HTMLarea - Configure available headings / fonts / styles, and more
  • Hide Site for users that cannot create sites and remove unstructured content type
  • Investigating CKEditor and if it can replace the current editor TinyMCE.
  • Improved Image Editor inside HtmlAreas - customize size and style support.

For the developers:

  • Application downloading and deployment of apps based on config
  • X-data content type filter
  • Different port for accessing status pages
  • Add request filter supports to site.xml (opposite of response filters)
  • Component-path context to parts (in controller code)
  • Move more libraries out of XP core (like we did with with lib-cache, lib-http-request …)
  • Indexing of part data
  • Documentation for testing and debugging of applications

For Enonic Market:

  • GraphiQL - UI for viewing GraphQL data
  • Headless CMS app
  • PWA starter kit
  • XPloader app (load misc source data into app)
  • Angular2 starter
  • IDprovider - IDporten
  • IDproviders - support profile images



This feature from CKEditor will be amazing if you could implement it! :grin: