Highlights from PAB 2017-11-03


Our bi-weekly PAB meeting was held today Friday. We don’t always report from the meetings but here’s some highlights from this PAB, and some status on what we are working on right now. If you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum.

We’ve just release 6.12, and now we’re working hard on 6.13. Main focus this PAB was prioritize for 6.13, and plan for 6.14, and the future.

Here’s a rough selection from what we will focus on from our backlog in regards of features, libs, and apps.

For the editors:

  • Gallery view inside ImageSelectors.
  • Adding comments to issues in new Issue feature.
  • Improved handling of session timeouts in admin (load login-form in modal on timeout).
  • Content in use warning.
  • Improved search panel (move it closer to the result in the grid).
  • Replacing text editor TinyMCE with CKEditor.
  • Progress-bar on moving and duplicating content.
  • Rename content directly from the grid.

For the developers:

  • New Docs portal (collect all the docs we have, and introduce Guides).
  • Different “getting started” guides for developers.
  • Launch XP in Google Cloud.
  • Progress on big toolbox tasks like dump/load.
  • Cleanup of the App information inside Application admin tool.
  • Schema localizations (possibility to translate labels and displaynames in components and content types).
  • X-data content type filter for mixins.
  • Split lib-portal into lib-site + lib-urls (name pending) for functions only related to sites versus assets URLs.

For Enonic Market:

  • XPdoctor app (fix “lost” data, and more)
  • Live Trace app improvements (for subscribing customers only)
  • XPloader app (load misc source data into app)
  • Angular starter
  • IDprovider - IDporten
  • Social share widget