Highlights from PAB - May 2018


We just held a PAB-meeting. It stands for Public Advisory Board and is the place where we evaluate all incoming feature requests and prioritize them. We don’t always report from these meetings, but now we’ve been silent for too long, sorry for that, we’ll be better. If you have suggestions for improvements in Enonic XP, please post in the Features category here in our forum.

We’ve recently released 6.14, and now we’re working hard on 6.15. Main focus this PAB was to prioritize for 6.15, and plan for the release after that, and the future that lays ahead. As some of you are aware of, there’s a 7.0 beginning to take form on the drawing board, meaning it only exists on paper so far. 7.0 will not mean much visually new, but for developers it will include some much needed changes in our APIs. More news on 7.0 will follow during our meetups, and in these forums. We intend to begin developing 7.0 after 6.15 is released.

Here’s a rough selection from our updated focus based on this PAB-meeting. We’ve split it into short term (next version basically - 6.15), and then long term (7.0 and following versions).


This is our plan for the next release of XP (usually released every 2-3 months). Bare in mind that items might be moved around as we draw close to a release. Some items benefit both editors and developers and are then listed both places.

For the editors:

  • First beta of new CKEditor for HtmlAreas (will support drag-and-drop and pasting of images directly into the editor + more!).
  • New Media Selector (upload PDF-files directly in the Create Link-dialog in HtmlArea).
  • Keyboard shortcut for Publishing.
  • Widgets inside Edit mode.
  • New ways to sort contents (by publish date).

For the developers:

  • First beta of new CKEditor for HtmlAreas (toggable using a .cfg-file on the server).
  • New Media Selector input type.
  • New Docs portal (collect all the docs we have, and introduce Guides).
  • Different “getting started” guides for developers.
  • X-data content type filter for mixins.
  • Wildcard Content Type filters for ContentSelectors.
  • Clustered sessions.
  • Disconnect all Admin tools from XP core, so that they can be updated independently.
  • Remove mandatory name-value for fieldsets.

For Enonic Market:

  • Lib-starter.
  • PWA-starter improvements.
  • Form Builder.
  • AI chatbot.
  • Index viewer.


Plan for after the summer and beyond (all the way into the first half of 2019). These are our long term priorites. Some of these features might also be released in stages.

For the editors:

  • Handle reference-content inside the HtmlArea when publishing.
  • Improved search panel (move it closer to the result in the grid).
  • Variants (built-in translation-support for all contents).
  • Checklists (pluggable validation checks for contents).
  • Archive function.
  • Restore function (for deleted items).
  • Additional Roles for users to control who can do what.
  • In progress-state for content.
  • Custom CSS-styles in the HtmlEditor.
  • Project view - group sites in Content Studio into projects.
  • Rename content directly from the grid.
  • Move Fragments between sites.

For the developers:

  • XP 7.0 - loads of improvements in the back, will require some breaking changes to our APIs.
  • Ability to add placeholder text on certain input types.
  • Define custom “checklists” that can run on content before publishing.
  • Custom CSS-styles (class) in the HtmlEditor.
  • Custom input types.
  • Request filters.
  • Image Styles - defined in app, used in Content Studio.
  • Java 9 and EcmaScript 6-support, natively.

For Enonic Market:

  • Angular PWA starter.
  • React PWA starter.
  • Audit-tool and lib.

Thanks, and May the 4th be with you!