How to access the website created by enonic through your own website

I downloaded the source code to run the website. How to publish the website so that visitors can access my short domain name

Enonic version: YourEnonicVersion
OS: YourOS


You could follow this guide to sign up for a trial in our cloud and from there go live =)

I have installed it on my server, but open the home page and always jump out to log in!


So the problem could be that virtualhost is disabled.
This is under $XP_HOME/....../config/com.enonic.xp.web.vhost.cfg

enabled = false
^ this should be set to true

Another problem if vhost is ENABLED could be that a userStore has been added to the vhost mapping, like in the last line in the example below. =
mapping.mysite.source = /features = /portal/master/mysite
mapping.mysite.userStore = system

If this does not solve it, I will need some more info on your setup to be able to help.

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