How to create a Contact us form that sends email


How can I create a standard contact us form?
After user submitting the forms, an email should also be sent.

Thanks for any help.

Hi, if you’re a developer who wishes to code a standard contact us form, you can use a servicesUrl with the sendmail service:

In the case of the sendmail service, the whole purpose of the form is to send the submitted input values as an e-mail. As long as you don’t need any advanced e-mail formatting in the result, the sendmail service should be sufficient for a simple contact us form.

Many Enonic CMS sites also use the formbuilder module for this purpose. It’s a bit more complex than a simple form based on the sendmail service, but allows content producers to edit the forms themselves without involving developers, as well as storing the form submissions as content.
More info:
Developer resources from the cms-packages repo (the one used by the demokit website):

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Just to be clear on this - Bjørnar’s answers relates to Enonic CMS, not XP where you would implement a custom service yourself. :slight_smile: