How to create base:unstructured content in 6.13 releases

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We have been working with enonic 6.4 and one of the functionalities of the admin tool that we often use is the creation of unstructured content. However, we started to upgrade the enonic versions and at 6.13 we noticed that option is no longer available. My question is which alternatives do we have to create unstructured content to set a template and then set a part to build and test some developed functionality.

Attached to this comment you will find part of the process that we usually do.

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Hi, could you please share why you need the content to be of type unstructured?

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All content, regardless of Content Type, have the ability to have a Page Controller running in the background, so that you can get access to the Page Editor to add Parts, Layouts and other Components (as your pictures show). By just created a new empty Content Type in your app you would get the same result too.

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Whenever I need to test a page controller without needing any data, I often just create a content of type Folder (base:folder). Perhaps that would fit your use case?

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Well, I usually create small functionalities such as contact forms or small js scripts to execute in HTML or even build small web pages to show the result of a service consumption. For this example the service consumption and the viewing result I build it into a part and then I published in a base unstructured content with a default template.

Hi there bwe!

Your recommendation did the trick! Thank you so much.

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Hi Bhj, I just did that, create a template folder and the added the page controller an that allow me to add the part, just like the unstructured content that I used before. Thank you.

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