How to extract all content containing a match in Data Toolbox

Enonic version: 7.7.2
OS: Linux

I’m trying to get an overview of all our content that contains a particular topic. For now I just need URLs.

It turns out I need to combine search results from Data Toolbox and matches from our sitemap to get a complete list. Can anybody help me understand how to get this complete list using only Data Toolbox?

Using the NoQL syntax in Data Toolbox I got a pretty extensive list of content that contains the search terms in the URL and text, but the results aren’t complete.

Combining the results from the query with a list of URLs from our sitemap that match the queries provides a complete list.

I subtracted the duplicates so that’s not the problem.

I don’t know why there’s a difference. I am using “_path” in the search parameters in Data Toolbox, so I thought it would match all URLs containing the search terms.

Here is the NoQL query without the keywords

fulltext("data.text, data.ingress, displayName, data.fact, _path", "term1 term2* term3 term4 term5 term6") AND type="main-article"