How to get correct URL of image in HTML Area?

Enonic version: 7.4.1
OS: Ubuntu

I would like to ask you how to resolve this problem -
We use Headless Enonic project. We have an HTML Area input in our data type and we insert images into it.
When we get content through guillotine and display it in your front-end application (Angular), the image has wrong URL (E.x. media://92738670-7757-49f3-bfdd-b9f3fa4a5eaa), so the image doesn’t display correctly.
Is there some way, how to fix this and get the right URL of the image?

Thank you for any hint.

We get the content by the query on the picture bellow.

You have to pass the processHTML attribute to get the links you want…

Thanks tsi for your quick answer. Can you be more specific - where the attribute processHTML shall be used? In the query? How?
We found the documentation of processhtml, but this is a function!

You can see it from your GraphQL schema. Here is an example:

  guillotine {
query(query: "ngram('_allText', 'brad') AND type=''", first: 6) {
  ... on com_enonic_app_hmdb_Person {
    data {
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This is the Guillotine equivalent of the processHtml function :slight_smile:

Thanks, it works :+1:

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