How to get Images to work in SEO Meta fields

Im trying to get og:image to ouput on my site but there is no output. I’ve tried with imgSrc and any other value crashes with “Caused by: jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.ECMAException: TypeError: value.trim is not a function” (?)

My images look like this (in data)

"media": {
  "_selected": "mediaImage",
  "mediaImage": {
    "imgSrc": "3817a095-083a-4440-8912-a9bd2516da9d"

Anyone know how this works? Using 6.14.3


So the image is stored in ? Then that is what you should write in the app config (edit app settings on the site) down at the end of all the settings where you can write custom paths. Write media.mediaImage.imgSrc in the field for image (data. is automatically added in the code later).

Is this a single value for image? We currently don’t support multiple values (arrays) of images, the app won’t be able to figure out which to pick. This will be improved one day.

A new version of the app is in progress but paused during summer. Will continue next week. Could have a look at this at the same time. (New: 1.5.0 was released 30th of July on Market.)