How to query using unicode characters?

Enonic version: 6.8.0
OS: Linux

Is it possible?

Thought experiment for ISNULL:

field = "\\u0000"

Currently does not work

That looks really weird. ISNULL is a query function to check if a field i empty, as in have no content/value at all. If a field has a string value, even if that value is only one character, and that character is the NULL value, it is still a string with one character, the NULL character, and therefore, the string is not NULL.

  • PS: This is SQL knowledge. My guess is you are talking ElasticSearch / XP? I don’t know for sure, but it would really surprise me if this is different.

Hmmm. Did you find the answer in this other thread? : Query for field LIKE '' or "" returns nothing

… or is this a different issue altogether?

Yeah, hehe that example is pretty dumb :flushed:
This discussion should be about quering for useful non-latin1 characters using unicode.

Like cyrilic characters? Japanese…etc

I don’t have any use for it currently, but I’m guessing people using other languages might soon.

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Okay. Ignore my answer then. :wink:

XP does ascii-folding both index and search time, so you should safely be able to query using the natural unicode characters directly :sunglasses: