How to show embedded video?

Enonic version: 7.9.2
OS: Linux


I’m using Enonic XP as headless CMS. I uploaded a video file (mp4) to Enonic XP. Is there any change to open the video file in a browser using a link, similar to the YouTube? What should be the link looked like?

Here is the example what I see after uploading the video file:

Thank you for the response.

I guess the link to the video will be embedded inside some kind of text? Then this is how you do it: Rich text editor - Enonic Developer Portal

Hello ase,

Thank you, your hint was helpful.

You can also get the link to the video by using the “mediaUrl” GraphQL field directly on the video content.

FYI: In general, XP is not tuned for large volume video delivery. It does not perform tricks like different video resolutions and adaptive streaming etc. For bigger videos etc, use Youtube or similar for the best possible end-user experience.

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