HTML5 in htmlarea

Looks like htmlarea in 4.7 doesn’t support HTML5. Is there anything that could be done to support this? Or will it be available at some time?

I suppose the guys from Enonic will answer soon, but I doubt this will be available anytime soon.
In short, the HTML area is a third-party tool called TinyMCE. Enonic can’t change the functionality themselves.

I believe it currently requires XHTML, which is also connected to the nature of XSLT. XSLT would probably have some problems handling HTML5 with unclosed tags, attributes without values (like “required”), etc.


What Vegard say is true. :thumbsup:

In Enonic CMS we use Tiny MCE v 3.4.9, and to support HTML5, we need to be on Tiny MCE 4.x This is not an easy upgrade, so we will not put the effort into doing this on Enonic CMS. However, Enonic XP has Tiny MCE v.4.2, with full support for HTML5.

If what you want is to insert HTML into body text you could always create a separate field for the html as a textarea block. And let the editors write ###HTML### on a single line inside TinyMCE. Then with XSLT replace the string ###HTML### with the html from the textarea block.

Kind of “ugly”, but gets the job done =)

What part of HTML5 is causing problems?

Thank you for your inputs :smile:

It’s not causing any big problems at the moment. The thing is, we import some html content from a blog into our article content type, and are using the regular page template for articles for this content. Now the blog is updated and contains HTML5 elements, which is stripped out in the import to Enonic. I haven’t seen any posts so far that breaks the XHTML spec when importing to Enonic, just trying to think ahead, but I think we’ll be fine for now.

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