HtmlArea config to support custom format directly

Talked with one of our editors and she really misses an faster/fewer clicks way to insert “H1-H6 headings” in html areas and that the “style select” is to many clicks away.
Guess it becomes an issue/frustration when you write several articles each day.

After a quick look-around there seems that it was a change in TinyMCE from 3 to 4 that hides this away. (

Would be :thumbsup: if we could help her and other editors if the config got support for a heading select, either through a plugin or perhaps easier/better for you to maintain if you gave support to TinyMCE “custom_format” configuration or to extend the already existent formats selector to skip one level.

Is there btw any config on the server to set the config for the “Text part”?

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As a power user, she would probably be interested in using TinyMCE’s built-in shortcut keys for H1-H6 and more.


Nice one! Will solve it for power users for sure.

But still it could be nice to be able to extend the styling options with some config.

Nice one Jonas, I wasn’t aware about the Heading short commands! Great stuff.

We will create a page in the docs with available XP shortcuts, no ETA though.

A side note. We tried this on Mac and discovered that the guide (link) is for TinyMCE 4, we use 3. So some commands are different. Like for Headings 1 and 2, you should use Cmd + Shift + 1 and 2 respectively. This works like a charm to turn on and off heading 1 and 2 on any text, or to insert that type of text at current position. The link also says Ctrl + Shift, but it’s Cmd + Shift. Also, headings 3+ doesn’t work because of already mapped controls on Mac for these (for screenshots).

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Perhaps this should then be a feature of XP upgradring from 3 to 4…
Always nice to keep up to date with “dependencies” …

Upgrade to Tiny 4 is already in our backlog :slight_smile:

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We have added a new button for styles and headings to the backlog.