HtmlArea images and links resolved to invalid url

Enonic version: 6.0.0
OS: Debian Linux

When we insert an image or a link in htmlarea input we get these invalid urls:




You need to run all html through the processHtml() portal function to transform all IDs to Content and Images to full URLs. We have it in View and in Controller:

However there looks like there is no way to force png-images to still be png-images (they’re forced into jpg-format). I’ll let a developer look at that and answer you.

Was just about to post a solution to my own problem (due to lack of reading the docs) :slight_smile: Thanks anyway!

Hehe =)

Might help somebody else then, at least :stuck_out_tongue:

A parameter to force/keep image format might be a solution?

That would help a lot =) It’s only with transparent PNGs we get this problem, so a param named “preservepngs” or something might make sense.

Or make it default to preserve this, and name param “forcejpg” and people can set to true when needed.