HtmlArea processing in GraphQL

Enonic version: 7.8.4

When I have a contentType with a HtmlArea, shouldnt that result in a RichText type in GraphQL ?
In my case I have:

<input type="HTMLArea" name="content">

what ends up in


I believe you can use graphqlLib.reference("RichText") as the type, and and libGuillotineMacro.processHtml() in your resolver.

var libGraphql = require("/lib/graphql";);
var libGuillotineMacro = require("/lib/guillotine/macro");


  params.fields.myField = {
    type: libGraphql.reference("RichText"),
    resolve: function (env) {
        return libGuillotineMacro.processHtml({
          value: env.source.myField,
          type: env.args.processHtml.type,
          imageWidths: env.args.processHtml.imageWidths,
          imageSizes: env.args.processHtml.imageSizes,

Good luck!
– Tom Arild

Hi @tom ,

ok - I thought -.based on documentation here HTML Editor processing - Enonic Developer Portal - that this works out of the box!
@tsi If not, I would suggest to add the snippet of @tom to the docu !


I actually had to dig in the Guillotine codebase to figure this one out :slight_smile:

AFAIK, htmlArea inputs should automatically get field type RichText, like you expect.
Which version of Guillotine are you using @luctho?

@asi - Any ideas what may be going on here?

In my case it wasn’t a schema created by Guillotine, but one of my own making.

 include "com.enonic.lib:lib-guillotine:5.5.0"

@luctho Please, use HtmlArea instead of HTMLArea in your content type definition. Lib guillotine supports exactly the same name for input types as that defined in XP, for instance xp/ at master · enonic/xp · GitHub

Also, you can find more details about HtmlArea type input here All Input types - Enonic Developer Portal

@asi perfect - now it works :slight_smile: