Ideas for improving

First off - congratulations on releasing the Enonic Market. I think it’s a great thing for both the community and the eco-system, and I can’t wait to create stuff!

That being said, there’s a few things I would like to improve - and since you’re in an open beta, the team that created this is probably looking for feedback. What do you love / hate?

Here’s a few suggestions from me:

Document what’s needed to submit an application!
I understand you’re currently implementing a “submit application” view, which will probably alleviate this anyhow. But while you’re doing that, please describe what’s needed to submit an application on this page.

Make it more visible to submit an application
Since you don’t have lots of entries yet, make sure to promote submitting apps, libs and starters. Perhaps write a quick “how-to” guide as well, just to get people started.

Use GitHub description as short description
I’m assuming you’re going to integrate with GitHub at some point to get data. Why not use the repository description as the short description? Of course, you could always override it :smile:

Use as "long description"
All projects typically contain a file. Fetch it, parse it and display it as a long description - kind of like NPM does. It’ll look better instantly!

Optimize library info
A few quick points:

  • If there’s no way to sell stuff for moneys yet - remove the pricing bullet point.
  • Documentation + Source Code should probably just read “GitHub”.
  • Vendor should read “Author”
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This is valuable feedback, we will take this into consideration when we continue to develop Enonic Market. :smile:
We will implement new features and modify existing functionality in the upcoming weeks and months, based on both user feedback and planned roadmap.

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Sounds great!

Have you considered open-sourcing the market place? I’d be more than happy to send you some pull requests

Yes, the Enonic Market app will actually be released as an app on Enonic Market, believe it or not :smile:

We will let you know when we are ready for this.


I think the Market looks really nice.

But I don’t understand why, especially for lib pages, it has a download button that opens a modal with the dependencies code and a couple of links. There is plenty of room to add this info between the description and the changelog.

On the apps toolbox install tab, maybe reduce the font size so people can see and copy/paste the entire line.

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A product page will often also contain images, which will be placed in the area below the description. More info will also be added (like ratings, comments and such). We want the “download procedure” to be consistent between all products, and always very visible on page load, without the need to scroll.
This is why the info is put in a modal.
This information (which probably will be further elaborated later) would potentially drown in other info in a regular page flow, and often require the user to scroll.

Improving the copy/paste of the usage code is on my list, I am thinking of adding a “copy to clipboard” button.


The “submission” page is now improved with basic info on what is required to submit a project!

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Another idea is to make button “more x” even larger and contain a counter so it is mega obvious that we have more stuff. At a glance it is hard to miss.

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