Image upload with a choice of formats

If I could make a wish for a future function/feature it would be to have a choice of image formats when I upload an image. The same kind of choice you have when using Instagram. Square, 4x5 or original.

I know this would be a great feature for my organization and the many many editors we have.
If this is something that is already mentioned here somewhere I appologize in advance :slight_smile:

Have you tried using Custom image styles? Your use case is exactly what they should be used for.

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Also, Image crops are typically done automatically for the specific context via front-end templates. This way editors don’t need to do any kind of cropping, stuff will always look great and the image can be reused.

Some more details here:

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From the answers I reckon it’s our front-end templates that needs adjusting. Everything we upload gets crammed into a landscape format (1920x1080 seems to work well) so everything else don’t really work. We can change focus point and somehow make the image work, but still it’s not ideal. I’m no developer so I’m stuck with what we’ve got but I’ll take this to our designers and hopefully they will be able to make this whole thing better. Thank you guys for taking the time :slight_smile: