Image Watermark

What about a new filter on the imageUrl function to apply image watermark?
It could be added like:
“watermark(_markUrl, _markPosition)”

I don’t know which Image Processor Enonic XP is using, but it should be pretty simple include im4java to reach this result.



Hmm… If you are looking to watermarking the image visually, why not use css or similar? As long as images are served through the standard image service, users could simply remove this filter to access the image without a watermark?

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That’s the point. I want to have images like on “Shutterstock” where the watermark is a part of the image. CSS would not solve this properly, since a user could save the image and have it without the watermarks (and thats not what I want, supposing that my site will have professional photographies)

I don’t thing the image service would be the way to go, as mentioned above. (Anything specified in the URL would be easy to circumvent)

Perhaps an option during uploading to XP could be an option? I have no idea if that would be possible, but if you could have a checkmark as part of the image content that said whether to add a watermark or not, then it could be added even without specifying it in the URL.



We will not create system support for this feature, but you can build your own service (without using the image content type) to handle this.


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This is not a direct answer to you question, but for more advanced image manipulation tasks, I’d like to suggest looking into an alternative:

Adding a 3rd party service of course adds complexity to your project, but at the same time this is much a service that you spend a few hours setting up, and then you pretty much forget about it.

I’ve used it myself on several projects. Being new to Enonic, I haven’t used it here, but as long as there is a way for Imgix to access a reference to the original image on the XP installation, it will be able to process it and serve a modified version to you through the CDN network they use.

Being US based, the first time image processing will take a few hundred milliseconds if you are EU based, but subsequent access will be heavily cached. And the image processing capabilities are nothing short of tremendous, including watermarking options.