Images and Images sizes


We’re about to import a site someone else has made. The import is around 500mb and it’s mostly 15-20mb images (6000x5000)

What happens to these images? are they stored like that? Are there any ways to prevent your installation from getting filled up with these large images? Other places we’ve seen images that are 50mb


There is no option to not import binary data at the moment, but you could do it manually:


If you want to not import myImage, just delete the myImage-folder in the export data.

Also, consider running a script on the image files for pre-processing them into smaller images before you import them, Either using Photoshop or some script? Then you could import them using createMedia().

I guess a cool feature would be to expose an imageLib so you could do this resizing directly in an XP import script?

We need all the images. It’s a complete site import. There is references to both filesize and height / width in the xml of the import. Probably not a good idea and do anything to the images for an import?

If you are using raw import data, you would have to pre-process both the file and the data in the import definition.