Import and update node

Enonic version: 6.11
OS: Docker

Hi team !

I’m trying to create a sync script that automatically can export some content and import it onto another installation. However during import I get a lot of errors like:

Node already exist, id: c1609d24-feb2-499a-b7af-f85b84f4b488 - com.enonic.xp.node.NodeIdExistsException: Node already exist, id: c1609d24-feb2-499a-b7af-f85b84f4b488". Is there any option to update object ?

Thanks !

At the moment I believe the import only works for clean structures. Maybe @rmy knows more?

A while back I asked for a force option to the import tool. I guess old versions of the content will still exist. A new version of the content would be added and set as the current version.